Motion Graphics 

& Videos

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least 1.8 million words!” 

Unlock the power of video marketing to engage your audience and achieve your business goals. Our experienced team specializes in videography, video production, editing, scriptwriting, and consulting services to create impactful videos that drive results.

Captivate Your Audience with Engaging Corporate Videos. Tell your brand story, showcase products/services, and communicate your mission with visually compelling corporate videos created through our expert videography, production, editing, scriptwriting, and consulting.

Simplify Complex Ideas with Explainer Videos. Make complex concepts accessible and engaging with concise and visually captivating explainer videos crafted through our expert videography, production, editing, scriptwriting, and consulting.

Maximize Reach with Dynamic Social Media Ads. Drive engagement, grab attention, and generate conversions with dynamic video ads tailored to social media platforms, leveraging our videography, production, editing, scriptwriting, and consulting expertise.

Achieve Your Business Goals with Nuts & Bold Creative. Take your video marketing to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive video services, including videography, video production, editing, scriptwriting, and consulting, and achieve your business goals.

Tura Pet Cleaning Wet Glove | All-in-One Pet Hygiene 

Our Storyboard Creation ensures your message is communicated effectively, while Script Development transforms your concepts into engaging narratives. Our talented photographers capture the essence of your brand through stunning Photography, and our videographers bring your story to life with captivating Videography. 

Stomp Video for Livewell

Our services encompassed everything from creating an engaging storyboard to developing a captivating script, turning it into vibrant animations with striking videography and photography, and ultimately crafting this incredible video that's bound to get your audience's attention. With Stomp Video, we've injected life into Livewell's product promotion, making it not just informative, but irresistibly interesting. 

Cofreth: Facilities Management & Energy Solutions Partner 

In the creation of compelling video company profiles, we expertly shape narratives, script, animate, and voice-over, all aimed at empowering Cofreth to effectively engage prospects with a captivating showcase of their services. 

PULIH Instruction Guide

Nonivasi Care turned to us for assistance in creating the PULIH Instruction Guide video. Our contributions include scriptwriting, storytelling, photography, voiceovers, and animation, all aimed at delivering a smooth and informative product learning experience for customers.

Safety at Shell : Learning from Incidents 

Produced for Shell Malaysia, this safety video utilizes real-life incidents to craft educational content. Our works encompass videography, on-site photography, interviews, editing, scripting, and animation, all culminating in a vital resource for educating partners and new personnel on safety protocols. 

Shell Safety Drill  

We created a comprehensive fire drill video for Shell Malaysia, serving as vital educational material for partners and new personnel. Our services encompassed videography, editing, and script development.   

JustinJarell Global Sourcing Corporate Video 

We expertly produced a captivating video company profile for JustinJarell Global Sourcing, bolstering their international presence. Our services included narrative crafting, scripting, animation, and dynamic voice-over to spotlight their diverse product range. This presentation introduces the excellence of 96 brand products to customers worldwide. 

OCBC BizMate Training Video  

Our solution transforms static PowerPoint presentations into dynamic, informative videos. We incorporate engaging voiceovers and captions to elucidate Great Eastern Insurance's products, creating versatile virtual training materials accessible to partners anytime, anywhere. 

Asia Propel Company Profile

Transforming Asia Propel's company profile from static PowerPoint to a dynamic video was our mission. Our services encompassed story creation, scripting, engaging voiceovers, and captivating animations. Now, Asia Propel can effectively showcase its products and services to a global audience, attracting prospective customers both locally and internationally. 

Ministry of Human Resources - Akta 446 Video Explainer   

We collaborated with the Ministry of Human Resources to produce an informative explainer video for Akta 446. Our in-house team handled every aspect, from conceptualizing the storyline and scripting to providing voiceover and creating engaging animations. We made understanding this act easy for business employers.

Crafting Excellence: Ultra Com's Profile Video

Our comprehensive services included storyboard creation, script development, voiceover, expert photography and videography, and seamless video development. We specialize in bringing your brand's story to life, just like we did for Ultra Com. Let us help you captivate your audience and amplify your marketing efforts with compelling visual content. 

Sadhana Demolition and Engineering Company Profile 

Discover how our comprehensive video services can transform your client's company profile into a compelling marketing tool. From storyboard creation to voiceovers, we take pride in crafting captivating company profiles that resonate with your audience. Elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression on your website and social platforms.

Robotic Process Automation Product Video

Discover the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in our latest video, highlighting our comprehensive services. From crafting storyboards to script development, voiceovers, and video production, we're here to bring your vision to life. 

Nutrigold Milk Tea Product Video

From concept to execution, we poured our creative passion into every step. Our team meticulously crafted the script 📜, designed stunning visuals 🎨, captured the essence with mesmerizing photography 📷, and brought it all to life through captivating videography 🎥. 

Nanolab Corporate Video

Nanolab Electrospinning Product Video

Z-Net Covers Product Video

Soma Medical UVGI LEO 3 Product Video

Foodtake Industries Corporate Profile

Toimanz company profile and product video. 

Power Mixer Product Explainer

Asianmeal Corporate Profile

ELECTROCYN Soma Product Explainer

Kopimas product video. 

Smart Choice Technology Company Profile

Viranil product explainer 

Nuts & Bold Video Marketing Profile 

KTMB KITS Passenger Takaful Plan 

Dulux Singapore Corporate Video Editing

PerfectAire Anti Virus UVGI Air Sterilizer Air to Surface Sterilization Product Explainer Video

Aerofume Car and Room Disinfectant Spray 

FirstBite product and how to cook video 

Asianmeals Company Profile

Sani-ECO UV Air Sterilizer Product Explainer

Hebamed Company Profile

v3bio ELECTROCYN omnia product explainer 

ITA Upholstery Design Product Catalogue 

RydAir Air Purifier Company Profile

CN Cut Precision Sdn Bhd Company Profile

Energise Resources Company Profile

Spice Monsters Company Profile

Why you need Cyber Insurance
(Client : Paper & Cloud Sdn Bhd)

A New Leaf Product Showreel 

A New Leaf Product Showreel 

Oracle Smart Cities 

Food Video Showreel 

OCBC HomeMate Training Materials 

OCBC BizMate Training Materials 

OCBC Safe Deposit Box Insurance Training Materials 

Paper & Cloud Company Profile 

Chubb Insurance Case Study - Cyber Claim 1 

Chubb Insurance Case Study - Cyber Claim 3

Chubb Insurance Case Study - Cyber Claim 2 

Dulux Malaysia Chinese New Year Greetings